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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

31 Day Sensory Play Challange - Day 20 - Snow!!

 Hey! Not been able to post in a few months due to being extremely busy with sale of our house, Christmas and trying to fit activities around Keira's preschool hours, Kids have also been poorly with nasty colds twice in the past 2 months which means so have I .. hopefully things will be settling down after next month so will be able to get back into a normal routine.

I was asked back in December if I wanted to take part in 31 day sensory play challenge on Adventures Of Adam, I choose Day 20 - Snow (real or fake).
Even though I have not been able to participate in many of the days, I have loved seeing the posts each day of the challenge and have been inspired to make lots of sensory fun for Keira & Aiden in the future! Well done to everyone who has been involved!

We started the night before by making an igloo! I have been subscribed to Toucan Box for a few months now and this snow themed one came through the post last week and thought it would be perfect for my activity!
I went through all the steps with Keira and she happily got on with most of it without any help from me.

First I cut the door for the igloo, then Keira smothered it with glue and starting from the bottom stuck on the foam peanuts.

She then coloured in the cardboard characters and we left it to dry!

The kids then went to bed and I got creative with lots of different materials to make a snowy scene ready for the morning.

I used rice (not as white as it could have been)
Some left over fake snow
Cotton wool
Pom Poms
Ripped blue paper to create the look of icy water with blue pom poms aswel
Igloo we made earlier
Foam peanuts
Small star gift tags
Some snowy friends (elc happyland)

They both came down and got stuck in! Both enjoyed using their spoons and tubs, Keira filled hers with the rice and pouring it out whereas Aiden enjoyed filling his with the pom poms and foam peanuts!

 Both enjoyed exploring all the different textures of everything on the table and it wasn't long before Aiden took things away from the table and to the floor and the sofa!

This kept them entertained for a couple of hours and when I had told them it was tidy up time they both helped me place the materials into a bucket.

After all that play Aiden who is rather poorly at the moment, had a nap and me and Keira went to make a polar bear ice painting! (Also from toucan box)
Overnight I had frozen blue and purple paint.
Keira loved this activity, painting with the ice which as it melted in her hand she found very funny! We then got the bear stencil and used a sponge to add white paint and finally glitter to make the bears sparkle.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Preparing For Christmas At Preschool

24th October 2014

Got a letter from the preschool today about the upcoming events after half term and I am really excited!!

School Walks ... Trying To Keep It Fun!

24th October 2014

Hellooo! I am now at the end of my first school term and I have to say I am looking forward to a whole week of not having to do that school walk! (my bad for choosing a preschool the other side of town!)
It takes a whole 45 minutes to get there and then another 35 to walk back so a lot of exercise for me and I am knackered by the time I get home but I do try to make it fun to take my mind of the walk.
Being Autumn and having soo many leaves on the ground Keira likes to pick them up on the walk and pretend they are paintbrushes and she paints the walls and the traffic light buttons etc .. The other day when the sun was finally out she was holding up her leaf and talking about the shadow it made on the ground and she explained that it was there when the sun came out and then disappeared when the sun went in which made me smile as she remembered what I had told her about the sun and shadows :)
Aiden gets bored in the pushchair so I try and find some interesting leaves for him to hold which he usually starts picking apart after 5 minutes until its just the stem left.

Autumn Treasure Hunt .. Princess And Mummy Time!

19th October 2014

Not posted for a couple of weeks, still getting used to the new preschool routine and the walk kills me everyday! Its now half term which means I have a break from that killer walk everyday .. Woohoo! Got a quick chance to post what we have been doing over the past week before I go to bed.

Last weekend we had a bit of a lazy one, but on the Sunday Aiden went off with daddy for a walk along the river which gave me and Keira a chance for some 'mother, daughter time' which is always nice :)

Wanted to do some more Autumn related stuff before Halloween so I printed off some work sheets I had found on Netmums and we ventured off to the park.


Monday, 13 October 2014

Our First Pumpkin Picking Experience

13th October 2014

In preparation for Halloween this year I decided instead of going off to Asda as we usually do to get our pumpkins (usually last minute) to go and pick them. I had told Keira about this a couple of weeks ago and she was soo excited, especially when I told her there would be pink ones!
So we decided to go opening weekend rather then later so we had a nice selection to pick from. It had been raining literally all week so we expected ALOT of mud and were ready with the wellies!!
We got there like half hour before they were due to close so went straight in with the wheelbarrow, Keira looking to find the perfect pink one and me wanting the biggest one I could find.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Racing Jellyfish!!

11th October 2014

During last week our free trial Toucan Box arrived. Toucan Box is a company that sends boxes of creative activities for children aged 3-8 years old by post. You can get the petite box which is the free one I have received which contains one activity or you can upgrade to two bigger boxes which contain a few more activities costing a little more then the petite and are sent out monthly. I thought I would give it a go as have heard some good reviews about it.

Decided to keep it to one side until Saturday during the time Aiden has his nap as he is too young for these activities. Was nice to have this time in which me and Keira could do something fun together.

Simple Sensory Activity

10th October 2014

So while Keira enjoyed fairyland Aiden wasn't too bothered so I quickly put together a few things from the kitchen (safe things) and placed them in a bowl.
I included things of different colours, sizes and textures and he loved it! Had his attention for the last 45 minutes before bed.