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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

31 Day Sensory Play Challange - Day 20 - Snow!!

 Hey! Not been able to post in a few months due to being extremely busy with sale of our house, Christmas and trying to fit activities around Keira's preschool hours, Kids have also been poorly with nasty colds twice in the past 2 months which means so have I .. hopefully things will be settling down after next month so will be able to get back into a normal routine.

I was asked back in December if I wanted to take part in 31 day sensory play challenge on Adventures Of Adam, I choose Day 20 - Snow (real or fake).
Even though I have not been able to participate in many of the days, I have loved seeing the posts each day of the challenge and have been inspired to make lots of sensory fun for Keira & Aiden in the future! Well done to everyone who has been involved!

We started the night before by making an igloo! I have been subscribed to Toucan Box for a few months now and this snow themed one came through the post last week and thought it would be perfect for my activity!
I went through all the steps with Keira and she happily got on with most of it without any help from me.

First I cut the door for the igloo, then Keira smothered it with glue and starting from the bottom stuck on the foam peanuts.

She then coloured in the cardboard characters and we left it to dry!

The kids then went to bed and I got creative with lots of different materials to make a snowy scene ready for the morning.

I used rice (not as white as it could have been)
Some left over fake snow
Cotton wool
Pom Poms
Ripped blue paper to create the look of icy water with blue pom poms aswel
Igloo we made earlier
Foam peanuts
Small star gift tags
Some snowy friends (elc happyland)

They both came down and got stuck in! Both enjoyed using their spoons and tubs, Keira filled hers with the rice and pouring it out whereas Aiden enjoyed filling his with the pom poms and foam peanuts!

 Both enjoyed exploring all the different textures of everything on the table and it wasn't long before Aiden took things away from the table and to the floor and the sofa!

This kept them entertained for a couple of hours and when I had told them it was tidy up time they both helped me place the materials into a bucket.

After all that play Aiden who is rather poorly at the moment, had a nap and me and Keira went to make a polar bear ice painting! (Also from toucan box)
Overnight I had frozen blue and purple paint.
Keira loved this activity, painting with the ice which as it melted in her hand she found very funny! We then got the bear stencil and used a sponge to add white paint and finally glitter to make the bears sparkle.

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  1. I LOVE your sensory bin for the Artic and your children's art for a fun week of learning! Thank YOU for sharing your ideas and to your kiddos for helping :)
    ps. Our family and friends LOVED the Traveling to the Artic sensory bin we used from your idea and the children had so much fun thinking of things to add each day :)