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About Mum/Contact

Hello and welcome to The Princess And The Pirate Adventures, my parenting and lifestyle blog.

I am Catherine aka mummy! I live in Kent and am a stay at home mummy of two (the princess & the pirate).
Although being a mummy is a very demanding and tiring job (others would disagree) I love it! Its not always fun .. the stressful rush to school, messy nappies, crying for milk at ridiculous o'clock every night/morning, hair pulling, toy throwing, crazy meal times .. I wouldn't change it. I love having this time at home with my two while they are still young just enjoying their company and watching them grow each day. Even though they stress me out sometimes they are my light, my happiness, my sunshine and I am so proud to be their mummy!

One day once they are both in school full time I would like to study and either become a midwife or a nursery or preschool teacher/helper.

I have set this blog as a sort of diary for them and me to look back on and remember all the adventures we had together and all the activities we enjoyed.  To share with family, friends and other mums and maybe inspire them. I have not always been a fan of mess but other mums have inspired me to not be afraid to get abit messy, to be more creative and let my children explore and learn through play.

I love photography and am always taking pictures of my babies, whatever they are doing or wherever we are going there is always a tonne of pictures to follow!!


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