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The Pirate

Hi I'm Aiden aka the Pirate as my sister likes to call me! I came into the world on the 23rd April (a couple of weeks early as I just couldn't wait! and I knew my poor mummy was very uncomfortable, I kept accidently lodging my feet in her ribs ...) I was born at exactly 5.23pm and weighed 7lbs 6oz.
I started walking just after my first birthday and haven't stopped since! I love being cheeky and climbing up everything to see what I can get my hands on! I especially love phones and the television remotes (not fake ones .. I wasn't born yesterday and I do know the difference) I have an older sister (the princess) she's lovely, she makes me laugh when she jumps and dances about oh and when she blows raspberries on my tummy and she always reads to me which is great because I love books (they taste nice) I occasionally throw my toys at her but don't mean to .. its all just a fun game!  She recently started preschool I am told which means I don't see her much in the day anymore but I do get to spend some time just me and mummy which Is nice, she takes me swimming, to the park or back home where I can make some mess!

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